Jeremy Fabiano

I.T. hero by day, father, husband, and godling by night.

Jeremy Fabiano is an emerging author of several exciting genres which include: LitRPG, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, Medieval Post Apocalyptic and Non-Fiction.

Join him as he descends into the depths of his imagination, bringing you the exciting adventures he discovers along the way.

Jeremy Fabiano read his first fantasy book at fourteen years old. An old ratty copy of "The Hobbit." Tolkien forever dominated his imagination as he fell prey to every RPG game out there.

At sixteen, a friend from school introduced him to his first multiplayer RPG: A M.U.D. or multi-user dungeon. This ancient construct required the player to use a terminal program to connect to a remote text-based system. No pictures. No animations. It paved the way to being enthralled by World of Warcraft, where he saved the world countless times over the span of half of a decade.

In mid-2018, he reached out to several authors seeking advice. Shayne Silvers was among the first to respond. He encouraged and inspired Jeremy to work harder than he ever had before. Shortly after, M. D. Massey also gave some much-needed advice, eliciting even more changes in the aspiring author.

By the end of 2018, he had teamed up with T.M. Edwards and co-authored "Roger" - a book in Edwards' "Tales Of Courage From Beyond The Apocalypse" series. This would be the first of many books published by Jeremy Fabiano.

He plans fifteen books in the 2019 year, and fifty+ over the next three years.

Keep reading. Keep learning.

Never be afraid to reach for your dreams

Bishops Gambit

Three colony ships escaped planetary annihilation. Only two made the jump.

Now the survivors of the third ship are on the brink of destruction.

The colony sends out crews like Bishop Jones and his sister, Anne, to scour the solar system in search of resources while dodging pirates and aliens.

What they uncover instead is a secret worth killing over.

They're labeled as terrorists and cannot return to the colony ship. All they want is to clear their names before the colonial military hunts them down.

If you like unforgettable heroes, plenty of snark, survival warfare, and sprawling galactic tales, then you'll love this space opera adventure


This book is a standalone short read which is part of the collection "Tales of Courage From Beyond the Apocalypse".

These stories can be read in any order, and each features a different main character while still being connected to all the others.

That zombie shooter game addiction finally came in handy.

Roger is the typical pasty, skinny video game nerd. When the zombie apocalypse breaks out and Boston is bombed to stop the spread of the virus, he's is thrown into the ultimate fight for survival.

Three weeks later, Roger considers himself lucky to still be alive. He has a fortified base and hopes that he'll soon find more survivors. But winter is fast approaching, and if he doesn't find a more long-term solution for food and shelter, it'll be a toss-up between whether the zombies or hunger and exposure get to him first.

When a zombie battle leaves Roger with a bite wound, his survival becomes even more precarious. Even the possibility of other survivors is small consolation when the fever takes hold.

How can he survive if the virus already courses through his veins?

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Legend of the Sword Bearer
Tempest chronicles Book 1

Synopsis Coming Soon